Quick & Easy French Toast

During the week I try to have a healthy breakfast, so by the time the weekend comes I always crave something drowned in maple syrup. Traditional french toast is made with a custard (eggs and milk) that browns and crisps, so to achieve that with all vegan ingredients can be tricky. I’ve seen recipes calling for tofu, but I’ve found that it gives it too much of a soy flavor which can be a little off-putting. So here’s a simple recipe you can make in ten minutes or less to fill the void in your french toast soul.


  • Stale Italian bread, cut into inch thick slices on a bias
  • 1/2 C plant milk
  • 1 Tbsp flax seed meal
  • 2 Tbsp water
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp kala namak (black salt)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Cooking spray
  • Vegan butter
  • Maple syrup


  1. Heat a cast iron skillet or griddle on medium, and lightly mist it with cooking spray or a small pat of vegan butter.
  2. While the skillet is heating, combine the water and flax seed and set aside. Next, combine the milk, vanilla, cinnamon, kala namak and salt in a shallow pie dish.
  3. After about 3 or so minutes, the flax and water should have thickened to form an egg-like texture. If it’s too thick, thin it with a few drops of water, then add to the milk mixture.
  4. Cut your stale bread into one inch thick slices on a bias, then submerge and flip them in the milk mixture to ensure they’re adequately moist. If your bread is really stale like mine, you may need to let the pieces of bread sit in the milk for a minute but you don’t want it to be soggy and dripping.
  5. Add the bread to the hot skillet, and try to only flip them once so they form a crust. If your skillet starts smoking, lower the heat because it’ll begin to burn the french toast.
  6. Once the bread is crusty and no longer wet, transfer to a plate. Top with with an extra few sprinkles of cinnamon, a pat of butter, and warm maple syrup. Feel free to add fresh fruit, and serve hot.

And that’s that. If you make this or any other recipes featured here, use #killertofublog on social media!

Boozy Vegan Vodka Sauce

One of my favorite things in the entire world is any kind of pasta with vodka sauce, and considering it’s mostly cream and panchetta, I’ve had to suffer without it for quite a long time. So here is a simple recipe with some surprising ingredients that can even be finished halfway for a regular marinara by simply omitting the ingredients with a * next to them.

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Ride-or-Die Vegan Essentials for your Resolution

Of course January is the perfect time of year for people to change their lives around, whether they start going to the gym, practicing more self-care or participating in Veganuary and going vegan for a month (hopefully longer!) But a really common question is “Where do I start?” and I think these beginner roadblocks are what lead to many a discouraged new vegan, and may lead to giving up on veganism altogether because it seems too hard. I’ll start with some tips:

*Disclaimer: I’m not advocating for nor against plant based diets (as opposed to a vegan lifestyle), I’m discussing what works best for me personally and this post is not to be read as the be-all, end-all vegan bible*

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Salted Caramel Apple Pie

As a hardcore apple enthusiast, I’m very critical of different varieties of the apples themselves, as well as desserts. I absolutely love apple crisp, but most times apple pie falls short for me. The bottom is always a soggy mess and it often has a semi-sour aftertaste (at least to me). With this recipe, I’ve elevated your traditional apple pie by incorporating my absolutely addicting salted caramel sauce.

55C7666E-C3E5-4A4F-88DF-57C349447B08 (1).jpg

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French Onion Soup


I love winter. As a New Yorker, does that make me a psychopath? Who knows! Anyway, I find soup to be the most perfect food to warm you up from the inside out. Last summer I was at a Greek restaurant and ordered french onion soup (???) and when the waitress arrived with the crock I came to my senses and realized it’s made with beef broth. Whoops! So I sent it back and I’ve been craving it ever since.

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Animals Left Behind in Hurricane Florence and Our Emotional Response


Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Hurricanes absolutely devastate and decimate communities, destroy homes and rob people of their livelihood. Some even lose their lives and loved ones. But every time there is a natural disaster, a spotlight shines on cats and dogs left behind.

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5 Tips for Prospective Vegans or Reducetarians


Photo by Vince Lee on Unsplash

If you’re here, odds are you already know what vegan means, but what the heck is a “reducetarian”? According to The Reducetarian Foundation:

“…A “reducetarian” diet, [is] where participants reduce the amount of meat they consume in order to improve their health, protect the environment, and spare farmed animals from cruelty.”

While reducetarians are not vegan, I support anyone who strives to cut down on the amount of animal products in their life (both diet and lifestyle) and I really think that people willing to take these steps, including vegetarians, are just future vegans in training!

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Tofu Banh Mi with Quick Pickled Veggies


Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich, typically made with pork but since I was pescatarian for a few years before becoming vegan I’d never had the “real thing”. And yeah, it’s pictured with kimchi which is Korean, not Vietnamese, but I’ve been on a real kimchi kick after going to Franchia Vegan Café in the city. I could have very well served it with a simple salad, but to be honest I’m a vegan who doesn’t like salad. If you ever dare to make me one, it better be the best damn salad I’ve ever had. But I digress. You can serve this banh mi with fries, or whatever floats your boat. This can be made GF, so I will asterisk substitutes. And honestly, if you want to change anyone’s mind about tofu, this is the perfect recipe.


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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles


I made these chocolate chip cookie dough truffles on a whim for a potluck at my job, and they were all gone in a matter of minutes. The parents were amazed at how good they were, but I’m sure they secretly wanted to kill me because their kids devoured them and were subsequently hopped up on sugar for the rest of the night. #NoRagerts


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Crispy Vegan Broccoli with Spicy Special Sauce

Processed with VSCO with l4 preset
Processed with VSCO with l4 preset

I’m really excited about this recipe, because although it might not be as healthy as a $14 kale salad, it’s amazing and makes for a great party appetizer, or even a meal on its own with a side of rice. I usually end up making the same boring broccoli, and I was getting bored of it so I took some inspiration from a dish I had out at a restaurant years ago and created a vegan version. This would definitely work well with cauliflower too.


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